Whale Watching Packages Available

Whale Watching

Adventure Centres

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Email info@LifestheBeach.com 

We can arrange whale Watching packages for 2 or 20 anywhere in North or South America

The largest Rain Forest in the world is The Amazon in Brazil, South American.  The largest Temperate Rain Forest in the world is in BC Canada, North America. Both are the lungs of the Earth and without them the air we all need to breath and survive will not be there for our children and beyond. The Oceans are warming, but there is hope there too! Learn what we can do to save them.

(a) Come see – the world like never before. Thrill to the sights and sound of a Gray, and Orca Whale Watching tours, Bear Watching, and see how the forest and seas are a circle of life. Discover how to save the oceans and seas from warming water temperatures by sustainable methods seafood harvesting methods and advanced science on shell fish, Trees that are 1000 years old, Civilizations that stored food 5000 years ago and beyond and how they did it

(b) Educational – Key Note Speakers bring some of the biggest names together and share ideas as to what you can do as a business, weather startups or existing businesses that can and will proper in the shared economy and the dinosaurs that will be left in the dust.

(c) New challenges in the 21st century. – Food production models – promoting food to table local economy – chef on the go that will prepare only local and sustainable food sources

For more information or to book a whale watching tour please  call 1.855.492.5433 or Click here to Contact us

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