With These 3 Eco Friendly Products You Can Help Save The Ocean!

We’re back! In this week Eco Friendly spotlight we have a couple products highlighted that help preserve the ocean, because let’s face it more people need to face it.


Are you ready? We’re about to take a dive into the unknown

Saving the ocean

We all know  that our ocean is in serious trouble, through over-fishing and polluting the ocean have scarred it beyond belief…  Here are the Best Eco-Friendly Reviewed Products on the market today that can make a big difference.
But there is hope, while many people turn a blind eye on it, when these 2 surfers saw the amount of plastic in the ocean and even more when they saw fishermen literally push the boat through a beach littered with plastic. This sparked an idea what is now known as 4ocean. Alex and Andrew have undertaken a massive operation  to save ocean from plastic pollution.  We wanted to highlight 3 of these products to not only make people more aware but also to support 4ocean.

4ocean Signature Blue Bracelet


Not only do these bracelets look good, they’re made with recycled materials recovered by the people from 4ocean, the blue cord is made from recycled PET (plastic bottles), the clear beads are made with recycled glass bottles.

The best part?

When you buy a bracelet you fund the removal of one pound of trash from the ocean and coastline

I think for $20.99 that’s one of the best deals you can get, not only will you get a beautiful bracelet, but you help with the removal of trash from the ocean and coastline.
So hurry up and surf to this site (okay last time with the puns).  Click on the Image to Order yours today

4Ocean Blue Bracelet



4ocean Reusable Bottle


The people from 4ocean don’t just leave it with bracelets, they also have these awesome reusable bottles!


You probably think, why do I need a reusable bottle? Well that’s because plastic bottles are one of the biggest causes of plastic pollution. More than 60 MILLION plastic bottles end up in landfills and incinerators every day!


By buying a reusable bottle you help remove on pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines, double walled, vacuum-sealed, this is a high-end reusable bottle which not only make you cut back on using plastic bottles but YOU help by removing one pound of trash from the ocean and coastline.

Click on the image to Get yours today:

4Ocean Water Bottle

Awesome T- shirt: Skip a Straw, Save a Turtle!


Fact: Turtles choke on straws at an alarming rate.

How do they choke? There are a number of reasons, the first one is that straws are easily digestible, the second is that the turtles can become entangled and the straws can get even become lodged in sea turtles.


One of the worst things (as if the others aren’t worse enough already) is that when the straws break down, they become very tiny pieces floating in the ocean. These pieces are then swallowed by sea turtles, where they fill up the stomach and cause the turtle to starve to death.

great idea as a gift or for yourself!

The T-shirt is 100%cotton.

It’s in three different colors and it’s for men, women and children.

For just $16.99 you can skip a straw and save a turtle, you’ll not only help preserve the ocean, but you raise awareness as well. Check it out: Order yours today, by clicking on the image

T Shirt Skip the Straw and Save the Turtle


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