5 Ways On How To Get The Most For The Amazon Prime Days


Amazon Prime Days only comes once per year, limited to 2 DAYS (15&16 July) of great deals.
We at Life’s the Beach have come up with 5 ways on how to get most from this years Amazon Prime Sale, if you’re new or a seasoned vet’ you WANT to read this!

Amazon Prime Days

Try purchasing Eco Friendly products! One to watch for is the Sunny backpack, if you remember it from our previous blogs. If you haven’t click here to read it now and click on the image to add the Sunny backpack to your watchlist

Solar Charging BackPack for all USB devices and lap top

1. Download the Amazon App

During the limited 2 days you want to stay on top of what’s going on sale, especially if it’s a specific product that you want.
With the Amazon App you can tap on “watch this deal” on items to get an alert when they go on Prime Day

2. Get a FREE 30 day Subscription

If you don’t use Amazon that often, but still want to benefit from Amazon Prime, you can get a FREE 30 day subscription. This even include same-day delivery! You can click here to get start you FREE 30 day subscription now


3. Sneak Peek on deals!

On Prime day you’ll get a preview of many deals, before it even starts! Certain items are a LIMITED, so you have to watch the ones that you’ve got an eye on. That takes a lot of time right? Luckily for us we can download the Amazon app and get a notification for the Sneak Peek, click here to find out how it works


4. Install Amazon Watcher on your Desktop

If you want to make more out of the Amazon Prime days, we suggest you to download the Amazon Watcher for your desktop. The Amazon Watcher helps you get notified on the latest deals and offers, you also get notified when the deal you’re watching is going life.
Whats even better? You get $10 of your first order of $50 or more, click here to install it now!


5. Get $10 Amazon Credits by downloading the App

Besides that the Amazon app is super handy- as previously mentioned, but by downloading and signing into it you get free Amazon Credits worth $10 and another $10 after your first in-app purchase! So hurry up and download the Amazon App


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