How to make money investing in Vacation Home Rentals


This Blog series is for anyone that is lucky enough to already own or is dreaming of owning a revenue generating Vacation Home or Vacation rental Business

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Is Vacation Home Rental Ownership for you?

Have some fun! Create your own dream.  Where did you most enjoy Vacations when you were a child?  Was it Disney World, Near the Beach, Camping, or City Architecture ?   Where would you like to Vacation every year if you could?  Chances are you are going to enjoy your vacation home yourself a few times a year.  If this is an Investment only (Return on Investment) and you don’t plan to use it much we will be covering that investment opportunity in our 2nd blog post of the series.

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Location Location Location

Everyone has heard this before, however, in Vacation Rentals like in Real Estate it is the first and most important thing you want to explore with research.  Surprise, not every home or location makes a good Vacation Rental.  The best way to find out is to look at reviews.
Reviews of the location and area, you want to narrow down your search to:
-reviews of people who went on a vacation,
-the neighborhood,
-family friendliness
-activities in the area
Remember research first and then start the other process, you can better research a little bit longer then go straight for it. Have patience and try to think what sort of Vacation Rental you enjoyed if you went on a holiday, if you didn’t  went on a holiday you can always ask yourself what your standards are in terms of vacation rentals, what your targeted audience is.

In our next blog we’ll covering investment only, Return on Investment (ROI)
Good luck!

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