News you can Use – Are Orlando Prices Coming Down in Sales?

Lake Buena Vista Resort Condos for sale

Many of you might be wondering and we are too. In the following weeks we will be sharing what we find so that you can stay informed.
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There is so many world shattering changes going on, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by news headlines.

If your thinking that due to the huge disruptions going on it might be affecting the Orlando market you are right but maybe not in the way you think. Although Prices have slightly come down the market for the last couple of months, they are holding steady now with news that Walt Disney World will be opening mid July. For a deeper dive click here Disney opening dates

Lake Buena Vista Resort Condos for Sale – Disney View Condos still available for Sale

Other Theme parks have already reopened and Florida has gone into stage 2 of reopening plans.

It might just be the opportunity to buy while the world starts to transform to the new normal


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